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This site is more or less a mirror of whats on the dial-in server.
I don't have access to FTP on the NWTC servers, so I'm using a "free web hosting" thing.
I'll post updates and new users names here

This is simply a Linux server that you can dial into and use to practice. This is not on the Internet. See below for phone number
If you need to get access, just e-mail Include your name,preferred username, preferred password and an indication of where in the NWTC Linux continuum (IE Intro, security...) you are.

This is a project server, so if you have anything you wish to do, do it. Here are a couple of things:
  1. Get some more phone lines! I am having some trouble installing more modems (all used ISA of course)
  2. Get it so users can use a gui browser on the dial-up server
  3. Secure the server
  4. mail/ftp admin...maybe switching from sendmail to postfix
  5. maybe setting up a script library
  6. It might be cool to have a "honey pot" contest, where a Linux server is secured and users try to "compromise" it
If we mess up the server, we'll just reformat and big deal

If you don't like something, send Internet mail to or on the server to [admin]

Current access number(s)


Thanks to Joe Cicero for the server